About HospoTribe

HospoTribe is more than just a company; we are a passionate community of individuals deeply rooted in the Australian hospitality industry. Our team comprises experienced restaurateurs, baristas, chefs, and bakers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of running a hospitality business in Australia.

Our Mission

Streamlining Hospitality Operations for Peak Efficiency

Our mission is to slash amin time in the Australian hospitality industry with HospoTribe by automating onboarding, recruitment, scheduling, WHS, and food safety task management. We aim to completely eliminate the need for manual record-keeping and ensure regulatory compliance by reducing complex paperwork.


Why HospoTribe

HospoTribe is more than just a management tool – it’s a catalyst for transformative change in the hospitality sector. Designed with deep-rooted industry insights, HospoTribe promises to redefine efficiency, driving away operational challenges that cafes, restaurants, bars, and bakeries commonly face.

We’re here to simplify the complexity of staff rostering, employee training, ensuring unwavering compliance with food safetyWHS standards and more. While you craft memorable experiences for your guests, we work tirelessly in the backdrop, ensuring a smooth sail. Whether you’re a charming local cafe or a dominant restaurant chain, HospoTribe is tailored to amplify your success.

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Our Highlights

Simplified Recruitment

Streamline the hiring process with user-friendly recruitment tools, simplifying applications and qualifications.

Easy Employee Onboarding

Effortless onboarding of new employees or seamlessly transitioning existing ones to new positions.

Employee Scheduling

Optimal staff allocation with flexible rostering and advanced shift optimisation features.

Food Safety Compliance

Elevate safety standards with intuitive task management, monitoring, and department-specific allocation.

Regulatory and WHS Compliance

Robust WHS module for detailed incident reporting, with multimedia evidence and supervisor oversight.

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